License agreement

Here and below by term "application" SemanTer application is concerned.

  1. SemanTer is a software with closed source code.
  2. Authors and exclusive worldwide Copyright owners of application are Stanislav Iegorov and Irina Iegorova.
  3. You as an end user of the application are prohibited from (including, but not limited to): sell, distribute, emulate, clone, decompile, disassemble, pass licensed application or it's parts to the Third party without a written consent of authors.
  4. It is forbidden to spread application or it's parts as a part of any other software without written consent of respective Copyright owner.
  5. It is forbidden to use binary code of SemanTer or it's source codes for reconstruction of method for semantic text compression with given compression rate, which is a patented Property of authors without their written consent.
  6. While use the application it is forbidden to supply it with a cracks, keys or keygens including links to them.
  7. Application is distributed "as is". There are no foreseen warranties, express or implied. You use application at your own risk. Authors don't bear any responsibility for (including, but not limited to): data loss, damage, or any other kind of losses, connected with correct or incorrect usage of this application.